Application Engineering

CGL Technologies works directly with best in class access control system manufacturers to provide access control solutions for businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, colleges, critical infrastructure facilities, pharmaceutical companies, technology companies, and malls. Our access control solutions partners provide stand-alone platforms, integrated systems, unified platforms or enterprise solutions allowing for the seamless management of an organization’s entire security system no matter where its located.

Regardless, if you are looking to manage access to a single location or need an enterprise solution to secure multiple facilities the CGL team is prepared to help.

Application Engineering

No matter where you are, you will have the ability to view what’s going on with your system. We offer the very best in Communication Systems. and provide state of the art systems that will communicate any actual or potential security breaches to external alarm systems and to you – so that you and your team are notified immediately.

We can also provide you with the capability for mass notifications in an emergency situation – including intercoms, door release/lock systems, and video only entry requirements.

We are happy to accommodate all budgetary requirements you may have while meeting and exceeding your security expectations. We have innovative solutions for your personalized Communication System, small or large.

Application Engineering

Does the perimeter security program for your facility have what it takes to keep employees and property in and intruders out? Perimeter security isn’t always a fence with razor wire around it. In many cases this is unsightly and there are local laws and regulations against such protections.

Due to the high cost of employing security personnel, different or additional measures are often sought out to increase the strength of your perimeter security and increase intruder detection.

Together we will do a risk assessment based on your assets, vulnerability, threat, and safeguarding of your employees, property, and inventory. CGL Technologies is perfectly equipped with everything you might need to secure your perimeter. From digital fence line detection to motion-based analytics and crash bollards, we will help you increase, improve or develop from scratch a system that fully protects your facility, regardless of size.

Application Engineering

]CGL Technologies video solutions can be implemented on existing systems or if a system is not present, we will design, with your needs analysis at the forefront, a new custom system for any size business.

Intuitive IP based video products serve as a key component in today’s security environment. These security cameras are easy to use and boast incredible digital zoom capability. Video systems have evolved in too much more than a simple recording device. They are now used for investigative services, auditing within your business and can report the activities on the premises to you via live feed or on-demand review. We can deliver live video to your smartphone or other web-based devices.

Successfully deployment of advanced analytics now becomes an efficient tool to access data and information faster than ever before. Video systems are no longer expensive and out of reach. We will develop a plan, together, determining the best placement and controls for your video surveillance system based on your unique needs. Custom tailored video surveillance systems will help you keep a watchful eye on your business, assets, and employees from across the office or across the nation at any time, day or night.