Application Engineering
Application Engineering

CGL Technologies employs the best Systems and Application Engineers in the electronic security industry. Our computer engineers and technicians can operate and manage your security system hardware and software remotely, checking that the maintenance, configuration, and operational systems are online and working correctly.

Our engineers will check that your on-site systems are installed correctly, running properly, and can even manage system operations remotely if necessary. The CGL Technologies engineers may also be involved in the training and the launch of your system, making sure that the management of your system is not an intimidating task.

Application Engineering

CGL Technologies provides advanced distribution architecture for enterprise scalability whether your organization consists of facilities that are locally dispersed or span the globe. Our security solutions are designed to be enterprise friendly, turnkey, and scalable so they can grow as your business grows.

Regardless if you are looking for access control, video surveillance, or a perimeter intrusion detection system our team is prepared to work directly with your team to help you find, implement, and manage your enterprise solution.

Application Engineering

Not every company, institution, or agency has the capacity to run an on-premise access control system.CGL Electronic Security’s hosted and managed access control systems are made for businesses looking for an easy-to-use, cost-effective system that doesn’t require in-house administrative staff. We work with clients to custom design and install the perfect solution for their needs.

We can be onsite in as little as 24 hours to install your new card reader or door hardware. Our team of managed access experts will configure the system, distribute access cards, fobs, biometric or mobile credentials. It’s our job to make sure everything is easy to use so you can focus on running your business.

Application Engineering

Forming partnerships, you can trust is a fundamental essential at CGL Technologies. Our team knows that you value being able to reach a friendly and professional Project Manager who not only knows you and your business, but has also been involved in the oversight, design, and installation of your electronic security system.

CGL Technologies will assign a dedicated Project Manager who will stay with you throughout the entire project. Your Project Manager will be responsible for maintaining an active line of communication and will be your single point-of-contact. Our Project Managers understand that when it comes to employee and customer safety, you can’t afford downtime or security blind spots. The Project Manager will work directly with you and your team to run an organized and thorough project which stays within budget.

Application Engineering

CGL Technologies is continually striving to improve hardware, software, and security service uptime by solving issues proactively through remote monitoring and diagnostics services. CGL Technologies monitoring service enables our professional team to be proactive when responding to and remotely diagnosing system issues.

Through system applications, CGL uses remote diagnostics to monitor system health, allowing our team to troubleshoot remotely and immediately. We strive to provide peace of mind that your security systems are functioning in accordance with pre-established specifications.

Application Engineering

CGL Technologies is committed to providing minimal downtime of your security systems by offering our clients a 24/7 rapid service response to address any security system maintenance issues. Our local, highly trained maintenance teams provide fast repair or replacement services of critical security equipment to minimize security interruptions and keep your business safe.

In addition to our 24/7 rapid service response service, we provide physical security information management, system health maintenance, preventive maintenance services, service agreements, and software support agreements. CGL Technologies can customize service agreement to meet the specific service, maintenance, and regulatory needs of each client.

Site Surveys

As a full-service security management company, we come to your site and perform an initial complementary evaluation and assessment to pinpoint your specific security vulnerabilities. The CGL Technologies team takes the time to understand your security needs so we can fully access the project and understand your organization’s risk and vulnerabilities before recommending a solution.

Our team will work directly with your team to determine the best placements for access control measures, perimeter inclusion detection alarms, bollard placement, emergency call boxes, and interior and exterior CCTV video surveillance. The goal of the site survey is to resolve your worries by providing a personalized and customized approach to determining your specific security challenges and building a solution that meets your security needs.

We work with you to protect your most valued assets, and the site survey and security needs assessment is essential to developing a comprehensive security system plan designed to protect and mitigate risk. Once the project is approved, the CGL Technologies team of expert installers is prepared to install your security system to the exact specifications outlined in the site survey scope of work.

System Design

At CGL Technologies we know that our clients have different levels of security needs when it comes to Access Control, CCTV Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Alarm Systems, and Visitor Management Systems. The CGL Technologies team is prepared to work closely with you in selecting the right system to meet your needs, managing that system, or upgrading your existing security system to take advantage of the latest bells and whistles.

CGL Technologies has the experience, insight, expertise, and support services necessary to manage your entire security system; from the selection process, through installation, and ongoing support services.

So regardless if you are looking to secure a business complex, high-rise office building, healthcare facility, critical infrastructure facility, school, college, museum or technology campus. CGL Technologies is prepared to deliver and support a state-of-the-art security solution based on industry best practices and compliance standards.

Application Engineering

We are committed to providing you with unmatched security expertise and innovation. No two clients are the same, which is why we do not have a standard package. We deliver custom tailored recommendations that meet your needs and budget. Our network penetration testing will help you proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in your network to prevent intrusions.

Risk is everywhere — from viruses to cyber-attacks. Whatever it is, we’re here to help you manage it. From understanding your needs to developing the right solution. We work with our clients to identify their most valuable assets and resources, as well as any hazards that may be present and potential business interruptions. We build effective protection plans for your consideration based on this information. The CGL security vulnerability assessment is a crucial first step toward implementing a comprehensive electronic security system that reduces risk.