Industries served

Highrise Buildings

Business within the Commercial and Industrial vertical cover a diverse range of entities. CGL Technologies prepared to provide an electronic security system solutions to meet your high-rise, business complex, high-tech, aviation, laboratory, warehouse, manufacturing facility, production facility, financial institution, and critical infrastructure security needs.

CGL Technologies will provide a sound security solution for any type of facility, warehouse, building, or plant. Your Project manager will evaluate and determine, with your assessment in hand and with project owner collaboration, a fine-tuned electronic security system to protect your facility from theft and other crime.

Our access control systems, intrusion detection systems, and video surveillance systems provide state-of-the-art security capabilities to ensure the protection you need from internal and external threats. Together we will build comprehensive security systems that best suit your facility protection needs, provides for employee safety, and can help manage profitably.

Application Engineering

Our team of technology experts understands the importance of protecting not only your facility but also your intellectual property. Our team will work directly with your team to assess your electronic security needs and engineer a cost-effective security solution that takes advantage of the latest security system technologies to protect your most valued assets.

Our team will commission the system to ensure that it is working according to the agreed upon scope of work, train your staff, and provide any service, upgrades or maintenance required to keep the system operating at its peak efficiencies.


At CGL Technologies we are well equipped to maneuver in the regulatory environments of agencies such as the FDA and DEA. Alongside our access control, intrusion detections, and video surveillance systems, we offer risk assessments and can provide a dedicated Project Manager to oversee your security systems to prevent potential vulnerabilities.

Together we will take steps to mitigate risks by providing a layered security solution to protect individuals and assets. The Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries continue to grow at a rapid pace, and any security breach can prove to be not only monetarily paralyzing but fatal within a laboratory setting. In the protecting controlled substances and critical life science experiments, CGL Technologies is prepared to deploy smart video surveillance solutions, ambient alarm systems, biometric access technologies, and real-time system monitoring capabilities.

Application Engineering

Healthcare and hospital facilities present with their own unique set of challenges for a security provider.Not only must you address the physical security concerns of unauthorized visitors and intrusions into the facility, but you must also secure the patient’s privacy, digital information, personal property and IP security. Strict HIPPA guidelines force administrators to ensure that all patient data is secure and that only authorized individuals can access patient files and records.

Hospitals, healthcare facilities, urgent care centers, nursing homes, retirement communities, and outpatient facilities demand 24/7 security. At CGL Technologies, we address not only the physical security concerns of hospital and healthcare facilities but also the information technology infrastructure attached to the security systems.

Our access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance systems provide not only physical security protection but can also manage areas considered highly sensitive leaving no aspect of your digital and physical security and safety unchecked.

CGL Technologies electronic security systems can log and track sensitive information to ensure your staff is adhering to your policies, procedures, and guidelines in meeting Joint Commission and HIPPA standards.

Protecting equipment, supplies, hospital property is also of great concern, as is the physical safety of anyone on your property. The CGL Technologies team are experts in utilizing available security technologies and industry best practices to protect your most valued assets.

Higher Education

Keeping student’s safe and their campus incident-free is a huge responsibility for today’s colleges and universities administrators. More now than ever, campuses need comprehensive security systems that create a secure and safe environment that instill peace of mind in the students, their parents, faculty, staff, and the community.

The growing concern over student, faculty, and staff safety has increased demand for security systems that not only monitor the campus but provide proactive alerts to reduce or prevent incidents. CGL Technologies works directly with your security team, Clery administrator, and Title IX coordinator to understand the security needs of the campus community to design an unobtrusive cost-effective security system to protect the campus. We understand that importance of providing a safe and secure educational environment when it comes to recruiting and keeping your students, faculty, and staff.