Unless your recorder recently died you probably haven’t given it much of a thought. Depending on who you talk to, the general consensus is to replace your NVR every 3-4 years.

Think of your NVR as nothing more than a server that’s hosting your video management software and recorded video. After 5 years, the cost of maintaining your server increases, it probably slowing down and has a higher risk of failure.

So why not be proactive and plan on replacing your recorder before something catastrophic happens that causes you to lose video. Your 5-year-old NVR may look as though it’s running fine, but on the inside, it’s slowly dying.

Maybe you are still going through the migration process from analog to digital (or IP), and looking for the right solution as you move away from your old analog devices. No matter what your situation CGL Technologies has a solution to meet your video recording needs.

CGL Technologies and our partners can help you transition from your end of life analog recorder or older model NVR to a new IP or hybrid NVR.

For more information on how CGL Technologies can help you prevent a video management catastrophe or migrate from analog to IP contact us today or call 610-480-8388.

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