Site SurveysAs a full-service security management company, we come to your site and perform an initial complementary evaluation and assessment to pinpoint your specific security vulnerabilities. The CGL Technologies team takes the time to understand your security needs so we can fully access the project and understand your organization’s risk and vulnerabilities before recommending a solution.

Our team will work directly with your team to determine the best placements for access control measures, perimeter inclusion detection alarms, bollard placement, emergency call boxes, and interior and exterior CCTV video surveillance. The goal of the site survey is to resolve your worries by providing a personalized and customized approach to determining your specific security challenges and building a solution that meets your security needs.

We work with you to protect your most valued assets, and the site survey and security needs assessment is essential to developing a comprehensive security system plan designed to protect and mitigate risk.  Once the project is approved, the CGL Technologies team of expert installers is prepared to install your security system to the exact specifications outlined in the site survey scope of work.