Predicting and Mitigating a Snow Day An ISC East Panel Discussion

Predicting and Mitigating a Snow Day

I recently had the opportunity to participate in an ISC East Panel Discussion on Predicting and Mitigating a Snow Day. The term Snow Day was a metaphor for how organizations have moved from an event response to risk management.

My friend Mark McCourt who is currently commercializing Cobalt Robotics, chairman of the Security Industry Association Autonomous Security Robots Working Group and Co-founder of Viakoo was the moderator. Jack L. Briggs, Associate Vice President for Emergency Preparedness and Continuity at New York University and I served as the panelist.

Mark got things started by sharing an antidote about growing up looking forward to a Snow Day. Mark went on to discuss how Snow Days seem to occur more often today as companies and schools focus more on mitigating risk.

Jack Briggs did an excellent job discussing the importance of identifying a decision maker and ensuring they have the authority to make the final call. He also discussed the importance of training and building a predictable response.

I shared the importance of utilizing security technologies to gather and share data that may be relevant in making informed decisions. Today’s security systems gather a lot of data that we can use to mitigate risk and optimize available resources.

Predicting and Mitigating a Snow Day My Key Takeaway

Organizations need to build a predictable process based on available data and resources that allows the decision maker to make the best call to mitigate risk.

Electronic Security is Integral to Your Emergency Preparedness Plans

Predicting and Mitigating a Snow Day

ISC East Sponsored By SIA Program Description

Security within organizations has shifted from event response to risk management. The best example of this is the Snow Day metaphor, which combines risk management, event prediction, risk mitigation for known events (such as a coming storm), and emergency preparedness that requires quick information gathering, analysis, and response.

Organizations are rightfully expecting security professionals have the technologies, people, and policies in place to get information to the right person at the right time to make the right decision to either prevent an event from occurring or respond effectively to an event that does occur. The path forward relies on innovative practices, ROI metrics and negotiating a dynamic threat matrix, all while still delivering best-in-class customer service and value.

By leveraging technology through operations centers and big data mining, the information allows security teams to get ahead of the risks. Determine how to predict a “Snow Day” with exceptional situational awareness and event management preparedness by leveraging a digital transformation strategy.

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