Electronic Security is Integral to Your Emergency Preparedness Plans

Emergency Preparedness

Do you include your electronic security systems as part of your emergency preparedness plans? Your access control system, video surveillance system, visitor management system, and intrusion detection systems can play an essential role in emergency preparedness planning.

Gone are the days when security departments had to maintain standalone systems to manage security operations.  Today’s systems can integrate and provide a single point of command and control that not only provides a higher level of day-to-day security but can be an essential part of your emergency preparedness plans.

When integrated, the ability to control your security systems during an emergency can reside at the tip of a finger. Manual duress buttons located in a command center, an icon on a computer or an app on your smartphone can be engaged within seconds to secure your facility.

The actions you perform and the reason you initiate the action can automatically trigger other operations such as sending out emergency notifications, providing vital information to emergency response teams, senior management, employees, visitors, students, and emergency responders.

The integration of access control systems, turnstiles, video surveillance, visitor management, gunshot detection, perimeter radar detections, intrusion detection, life safety systems, and emergency notification systems can reduce response time during a crisis. The time you save through the integration of your security systems, devices, and hardware could be the difference between life and death.

At CGL Technologies we work directly with our clients, subject matter experts, consultants and manufacturers to understand your security and emergency response needs. Once we fully understand your needs, we help develop a security program that incorporates a client’s emergency response plans, technologies, and emergency responders plans to provide a single point of command and control.

John Nemerofsky – President of CGL Technologies, a franchise model that focuses on optimizing business and sales processes while partnering with clients and manufacturers to drive growth in key security market locations.  Learn more about CGL Technologies at https://cgltechnologies.net/