Do Security Integrators Have A Responsibility To Educate Clients

Educate Clients

Yes – security integrators have a responsibility to educate clients. It makes excellent business sense as an educated client will be your best customer. You are their subject matter expert, so share that expertise and clients will come to value you as a long-term partner.

Takeaway 1

As a security integrator, you have a ton of valuable resources at your fingertips in which to educate clients. You may not know everything about every product – your job is to pull resources together and present them to clients based on previous assessments and discussions. A sales pitch isn’t necessary if you truly understand your client’s needs and the more the client understands the options available, the better the outcomes.

Takeaway 2

When delivering information to educate clients, decide whether to focus on a specific topic or product or on an issue that impacts multiple verticals. All topics should be relevant to current events and provide information on new or upgraded products that will benefit the client.

Takeaway 3

When developing educational and information delivery, be respectful of your client’s time. For presentations, too short of a program may not present enough value, and too long of a program may be counterproductive if the information is repetitive. Make sure the speaker or speakers are engaging and know how to involve an audience.

Key to successfully educating your clients is to find the most effective means of communication to engage the audience. Consider the size and location of the audience and the length of time available as well as goals and objectives. In addition to traditional presentations, consider lunch and learns, webinars, technology days, videos, e-newsletters or a combination of these delivery methods.

Takeaway 4

Remember – an educated client will be your best customer.

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