Summer Is The Perfect Time For Preventive Maintenance

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Preventive Maintenance

When was the last time you performed preventive maintenance on your electronic security system? If you don’t have an annual service agreement, it was probably a while ago. Most premium service agreements include, at a minimum, an annual preventive maintenance program, software upgrades, and system firmware upgrades.

You have invested a lot of money in your security system, and you need it to work as designed when you need it most. Just like your car, that needs its oil changed, tires rotated, and breaks adjusted to operate at optimal efficiency you need to pay the same attention to your security systems.

Imagine having to go and tell your boss that the video needed for an investigation isn’t available because it wasn’t recording, or that someone managed to breach security because of a faulty door alarm. Hidden issues with your electronic security system can quickly be addressed just by taking the time to ensure that it is working correctly.

While everyone is concentrating on their summer activities, it’s the perfect opportunity to conduct your annual preventive maintenance program. Your preventive maintenance program should include a check of all equipment, alarm point testing, hardware cleaning, hardware adjustments, software upgrades, and firmware updates.

What should Your Preventive Maintenance Include?

Access Control System

You will want to check that the system is operating on the most recently released version and run a few reports to perform data and journal checks. Check panels, power supplies, batteries, and ensure electronic locks are operating correctly.

Video Surveillance System

Clean, adjust, and ensure that all cameras connected to the system are operating correctly and recording. You will also want to do any firmware upgrades and software upgrades to optimize performance. You will also take time to trim any trees that may be blocking your camera views.

Alarm Systems

Where possible physical check all alarm points to ensure they are communicating back to the panel and are being received at you in-house monitoring location or remote monitoring location. If your alarms integrate into your access control, video or command and control system, you will also need to check the integration paths that may break during system or firmware upgrades.

Mass Notification System

If you aren’t already checking your mass notification system on a regular basis, you should be. You will at least want to verify that you are running the most recent software and that messages are being sent and received. Additionally, you will also want to check you audible mass notification system to ensure that you can hear it both indoors and outdoors.

Security Gates and Turnstiles

Clean, inspect, and maintain per the manufactures recommend service requirements to ensure they are operating correctly, and you are not in violation of the warranty agreement. Exterior gates and turnstiles need a little more attention due to rain, snow, ice, and salt that can negatively impact the systems over time.

Security Fences

Check your perimeter fence protection, make fence repairs, and clear the overgrowth from the fence.

Your system has been designed to protect your most valued assets and will last years if you take the time to ensure that it properly maintained. Depending on the size of the system and the level of security protection required your security system may require additional preventive maintenance throughout the year. Feel free to contact us so we can develop a maintenance plan that meets your goals and objectives.

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